This is a structured list of my blogposts covering the network time protocol (NTP). It consists of the parts building, authenticating and monitoring NTP servers. If you want to operate NTP in a secure manner, have a look!

I have worked on this blogpost series for more than two years now. Hopefully I’ve covered the most important things for you. ;D I have written several posts that are shorter to read, rather than a few too long ones. Anyway, please start reading with the very first pre-notes post in which I am describing my initial thoughts and NTP related stuff.

I will publish almost one post per week, starting in Q1/2019.

Building Stratum 1 NTP Servers

Using NTP Authentication (Symmetric)

  • NTP Authentication: Server Side
  • Meinberg LANTIME NTP Authentication
  • NTP Authentication: Client Side
  • NTP Authentication at some Devices/Appliances:
    • Cisco IOS
    • Palo Alto Networks
    • Fortinet FortiGate
    • Infoblox Grid Manager
    • Not: Cisco ESA (no NTP auth), Juniper ScreenOS (NTP not via IPv6), Pulse Secure (NTP not via IPv6)

Monitoring NTP Servers

  • Basic NTP Client Test: ntpdate
  • NTP Test App for iOS: NTP Tester
  • Basic NTP Server Monitoring
  • Counting NTP Clients
  • Monitoring a DCF77 NTP Server
  • Monitoring a GPS NTP Server
  • Monitoring Meinberg LANTIME NTP Server
  • Using RIPE Atlas for NTP Measurements
  • Bare Metal vs. Raspberry vs. Meinberg: NTP Delays (guest post by Jasper Bongertz)
  • NTP Stats after NTP Pool Participation

Featured image “Omega Speedmaster Professional” by wolf4max is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.