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Nmap Packet Capture

I am using Nmap every time I installed a new server/appliance/whatever in order to check some unknown open ports from the outside. In most situations I am only doing a very basic run of Nmap without additional options or NSE scripts.

Likewise I am interested in how the Nmap connections appear on the wire. Hence I captured a complete Nmap run (TCP and UDP) and had a look at it with Wireshark. If you’re interested too, feel free to download the following pcap and have a look at it by yourself. At least I took some Wireshark screenshots to give a first glance about the scan.

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My Nmap Command

I am using Nmap to do basic port scans for customers that requested them. The Nmap GUI “Zenmap” offers some profiles to choose the appropriate options for the scan. But when using a mere ssh session, these profiles are not given.

On the Internet, there are many good and detailed examples on how to use Nmap, such as here or here. However, I mostly need a simple and standard Nmap command for my basic scans. Here I list the command that I am using by default as a short memo for myself: :)

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