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Basic Cisco Configuration

Following is a list of the most common Cisco device configuration commands that I am using when setting up a router or switch from scratch, such as hostname, username, logging, vty access, ntp, snmp, syslog. For a router I am also listing some basic layer 3 interface commands, while for a switch I am listing STP and VTP examples as well as the interface settings for access and trunk ports.

This is not a detailed best practice list which can be used completely without thinking about it, but a list with the most common configurations from which to pick out the once required for the current scenario. Kind of a template. Of course with IPv6 and legacy IP.

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Palo Alto Firewall: Installation from Scratch till Panorama

This is my basic checklist when installing a new Palo Alto firewall. I used it for a few clusters during the last weeks. It shows the steps required for a PA firewall from the unpacking until it is plugged into Panorama, the central management platform from Palo Alto.

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